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BAT Community Managers

by Basic Attention Token | June 30, 2017 | General , Token

The BAT Team is excited to announce two new freelance community managers, Jennie (@bat-jennie) and Stephen (@bat-stephen)!


Both Jennie and Stephen participated in our “Moderator for a Day” trial program. They did a great job engaging with our community members in the BAT Slack and /r/BATProject in Reddit.

Jennie and Stephen will be helping the team out with the following:

  • Moderating and answering questions on and Reddit
  • Sharing important BAT updates
  • Organizing community events
  • Managing regional BAT groups and meetups

We’re happy to have Jennie and Stephen join the BAT Team to help us expand our efforts globally, from Canada to Australia for extra timezone-independent support.

Congrats, Jennie and Stephen!