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BAT Update to Parity Multisig Wallet Attack

by Basic Attention Token | July 24, 2017 | General , Token
Update - May 2024: The BAT Community has now moved to Discord! Join us at Additionally, all previous links to Rocket Chat have been removed as we no longer use that platform.

Today we made a full recovery of our User Growth Pool and reserve tokens, which had been appropriated and secured by the White Hat Group last week to mitigate the Parity multisig wallet critical vulnerability.

We’d like to thank the White Hat Group for its swift response and flawless execution. We are grateful for their intervention, which benefited numerous projects as well as the whole Ethereum ecosystem.

Our User Growth Pool is now at 0x7c31560552170CE96c4a7b018e93CDDC19dC61B6. We will assess whether we need to make any adjustments in the coming days; we’ll communicate about all necessary changes. Please check our #announcements channel in for updates.