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Mercury Preview Now Available

by Basic Attention Token | October 6, 2017 | General , Token

A preview of BAT Mercury is now available on GitHub on the beta channel. BAT Mercury integrates a BAT wallet into the Brave browser and converts contributions from Bitcoin to BAT in Brave Payments.

All of our software is open source. We welcome feedback from developers or testers regarding this beta build. Please make sure to backup your profile before testing.

If you would like to report an issue, please visit our GitHub browser-laptop page. We’re grateful for your contributions and look forward to sharing Brave 0.19 with everyone soon!


  • Please be advised that it could take up to one hour for the conversion from Bitcoin to BAT to complete when you upgrade your wallet.
  • It is very safe to create a new BAT wallet and add funds so long as you back up the new wallet.
  • It’s recommended that users with existing funds wait until the actual release to convert from BTC -> BAT. However, if users would like to test converting from BTC -> BAT, it is currently possible for amounts less than 0.07 BTC, though it is recommended to test converting in smaller amounts. Note that this only affects conversion of existing BTC wallets, not funding a new BAT wallet with BTC.