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Parity Multisig Wallet Attack and BAT

by Basic Attention Token | July 20, 2017 | General , Token
Update - May 2024: The BAT Community has now moved to Discord! Join us at Additionally, all previous links to Rocket Chat have been removed as we no longer use that platform.

We learned yesterday of a critical vulnerability in the Parity multisig wallet implementation for storing ETH and tokens. No ETH held by the BAT team was affected, including the funds from the sale of 1 billion BAT tokens. In fact, the bulk of BAT ICO ETH was already exchanged for fiat, which resides in a secure bank account.

However, we confirmed that some of the company’s BAT was held in vulnerable wallets, including the User Growth Pool. Shortly after we were notified of the Parity vulnerability, these tokens were transferred without our knowledge to a wallet address that allegedly belongs to a group of “white hat” hackers known as the White Hat Group. We have contingency plans in place to ensure that the BAT platform will not be compromised by this transfer.

The BAT team will provide relevant information as it becomes available. For the latest information, please track our #announcements channel in