We’re pleased to announce a coordinated growth initiative to expand the reach and scale of the global Basic Attention Token community.

Jennie and Stephen, the BAT community managers we hired in early July, are leading the expansion.

Users make up the first side of the BAT triangle, and growing a strong global community of engaged users is vital. They are the publishers’ audience, but also provide feedback and spread the word as the BAT roadmap gets executed.

Using Regional FB BAT Pages for Growing Our Global Community

Facebook Pages are a natural starting point for growing our global community. They have a large user base and easy cross-profile sharing.

In this first phase, our community managers will make calls to action for regional volunteers to set up BAT Community Facebook Pages in their countries.

Our community managers will coordinate with these volunteers, providing a regional starter kit that includes graphics, information and other helpful resources to get their regional FB BAT community up and running.

From Volunteers to Regional BAT Community Leaders

Volunteers will become regional leaders for their BAT communities. These leaders will collaborate and brainstorm with their peers within https://basicattentiontoken.rocket.chat on efforts to help spread awareness and education about BAT in their regions.

Regional leaders will coordinate with their teams to write blogs, translate BAT materials and resources, organize meetups and test groups for trial phases in the BAT roadmap.

We’ve Already Started!

Over the past few weeks, we engaged with volunteers, and are pleased to announce our first set of regional BAT Facebook pages and leaders:

Official BAT FB Page BAT Team https://www.facebook.com/attentiontoken
BAT Regional FB Page Regional Leader URL
BAT Australia bat-stephen https://www.facebook.com/BATAustralia
BAT Canada bat-jennie https://www.facebook.com/BATCanada
BAT China Zhongxing Jin https://facebook.com/Basicattentiontoken_china-116568548994126
BAT Croatia Ivan Jelić https://www.facebook.com/BATCroatia
BAT Florida (Miami Beach) Jay Ortiz https://www.facebook.com/BATMiamiBeachFL
BAT Indonesia Viking Karwur https://www.facebook.com/indobat
BAT Japan Suguru Hirahara https://www.facebook.com/Basic-Attention-Token-JAPAN-249882225520942/
BAT Russia Catherine Murza https://www.facebook.com/RussiaBAT
BAT SF Bay Area Tim Manibusan https://www.facebook.com/BATSanFrancisco
BAT Southern California Ali Athar https://www.facebook.com/BATSocal

Help Us Grow the Global BAT Community

The gray icons in the map are areas where we’re looking to set up new regional groups. Of course, we are open to volunteers from any region willing to participate and help expand our global community. If you are interested, please join us at https://basicattentiontoken.rocket.chat and let us know in the #general channel.

Basic Attention Token

The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry. It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers with more in return for their ads.